SPIRAL Final Conference, 9th July, Sèvres

SPIRAL aims at improving the quality of teacher training programme by facilitating the integration of a training placement abroad for students. The project final conference will take place in Sèvres (Paris) on July, the 9th 2018. On this occasion, project partners will share their experience and make recommendations on how to maximise the benefits of a placement abroad for teacher trainees.

Here is an overview of the programme. More information to come.

Morning Session
Opening – Pierre-François Mourier, Director, CIEP (TBC)
Introduction to the SPIRAL Project, Thomas Arbouet, Head of Europe Unit, CIEP

The SPIRAL project aims at improving the quality of training programmes for future primary school teachers by including placements abroad within students’ curricula. Thomas Arbouet, coordinator of the project will come back to the reasons why the SPIRAL project took place and introduce the various tools and results made available by the participating institutions.
Presentation of the SPIRAL placements, Cédric Sarré, Professor, Sorbonne université
Cédric Sarré, responsible for the creation of the SPIRAL virtual learning environment, will introduce the SPIRAL placement framework and present the tools (online modules, competence cards, …) developed specifically to maximise its benefits for students.

Afternoon Session
Results of the SPIRAL impact study, Nadia Edmond, Professor, University of Brighton
An impact study has been carried out in order to identify the benefits of a European mobility for students. Nadia Edmond, coordinator of this study, will point out its main results and discuss their implications.
Round table
This round table will allow different actors of the SPIRAL project to share and compare their experiences of a placement abroad within the SPIRAL framework. Testimonies by participating students, host teachers, teacher trainers and SPIRAL partners will demonstrate the necessity for future teachers to get a glimpse of how teachers are trained in other European countries.
Keynote Speech (TBC)
An expert in teacher training will be invited to wrap the day up and present his/her views of what teacher training should look like in the 21st century.

Languages of the conference: French/English. Interpretation will be available.

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