Our aims

SPIRAL aims to improve the quality of training programmes for future primary school teachers by proposing a framework that allows each university to integrate a common reference framework compiled of evaluation grids, quality charters, skill cards and a mobility guide and adapt these tools to their own country’s standards and procedures. Training periods abroad undertaken by both staff and teacher-trainees on this project, will reinforce the quality of primary school teacher-training programmes in European Higher Education Institutions. They will enable each country to better understand how to fine-tune their primary school teacher-training programmes and incorporate a placement abroad into their curricula in order to make them as relevant and demanding as possible to meet the needs of the teaching profession today and in the future.

Get involved in the SPIRAL project!

You are interested in improving the quality of training programmes for future primary school teachers. You believe a mobility period can help trainee teachers acquiring new competences.

illustration_hauteMany universities, ministries, schools and other organisations have already accepted to get involved in the SPIRAL activities. Interested organisations can participate in the SPIRAL Advisory board. They have access to project outcomes, intellectual products and updates on the project. On a voluntary basis, they can also be consulted and asked to give their opinion on the outputs and to disseminate the SPIRAL activities and results.

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