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Founded in 1945, and a national public institution since 1987, the Centre international d’études pédagogiques (CIEP) is recognised both in France and abroad for its skills with regard to expert evaluation, training, assessment, and management of international projects. The CIEP is a key public operator under the auspices of the Ministry of Education, Higher Education and Research. It is, in addition, the main operating partner of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International

It then is a public institution of reference on an international level, in the field of education and training. Its primary mission is to promote French expertise on the subject.

Paris Sorbonne University is the main inheritor of the old Sorbonne, which dates back to the 13th century. It was one of the first universities in the world. The “ESPE Paris” is the University Paris Sorbonne’s School of Education and the University’s primary school teacher-training institute. It was officially created in September 2013 to replace the former “IUFM” (Institut universitaire de formation des maîtres), a school which was in charge of teacher training but was independent from universities. In partnership with all Paris-based universities, the “ESPE” offers and delivers Master’s degree programmes in teacher education which are profession-oriented, recruitment-oriented and research-oriented.

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Founded in 1432 the University of Caen Basse-Normandie-Unicaen- is one of the oldest French universities. Caen ESPE is a higher education institute fully affiliated to the University of Caen Lower-Normandy. It delivers a two-year MEEF Master’s degree in 4 specializations: primary school teaching, secondary school teaching (including school librarians and vocational school teaching), pastoral care and in year 2 only: training engineering and supervising with 4 options (trainer training, cultural mediation, special-need education and educational tourism). Its missions include the initial and in-service training of teachers from pre-primary education to Ph-D students.

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The University of Brighton is a community of 21,600 students and 2,600 staff. The University of Brighton’s School of Education is one of the UK’s largest providers of education and training for teachers and other learning and development professionals. Our courses and our research span all phases of learning and development, from the early years through to adult education. We’ve been educating teachers for more than 100 years and have a permanent teaching and research team of more than 90 experts. At any time we have around 2,500 students registered on courses with the school. The Education Research Centre within the School of Education generates new knowledge about learning and teaching that can be applied both nationally and internationally to support this mission and to advance social justice, democracy and voice.

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The University of Alcalá, is a UNESCO world heritage site and one of the longest standing European universities which dates back to May 20, 1293 marking the creation of the institution’s ‘‘General Study.’’ In 1499, Cardinal Cisneros expanded the institution’s studies with the creation of Higher College, which would later become the University of Alcalá, one of the first examples of a model university town. Today the University of Alcalá is a modern institution which offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes adapted to the European Higher Education Area and covers all fields of knowledge, from humanities to engineering, and from social science to experimental and biomedical science. It is estimated around 28,000 students—approximately 19,000 undergraduates and more than 9,000 postgraduates—are currently pursuing their respective degrees at the University of Alcalá.

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HAN University of Applied Sciences offers courses of study to some 30,000 students in almost every type of professional course related to the following domains: Education, Social Studies, Commerce, Communication, Business Administration, Law, Economics, Engineering, Built Environment, Applied Sciences, IC and Communication, Health, Nursing, and Sports and Exercise. One of the educational priorities of the Faculty of Education is the development of student’s knowledge and expertise from a global perspective therefore internationalization is a key issue at HAN. One important goal is to incorporate international learning activities into the current curriculum. This enables students to work on their international and intercultural competencies here on campus. Our approach is therefore to embed internationalisation in our initial teaching activities so that we can cater to all students. We have incorporated four focal points in the ongoing curricula: language skills, intercultural competences, global citizenship and comparative research skills.

Universität Hamburg was founded in 1919. It is the largest research and educational institution in northern Germany. Universität Hamburg offers approximately 170 degree programs. The University has established several interdisciplinary key research areas and fosters an extensive network of academic cooperation with leading institutions on a regional, national, and international scale. In addition to several excellent clusters (for example, in the area of climate research), UH’s key research areas include multilingualism, and heterogeneity and education, two main research fields which are strongly connected to the present application.

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