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First results available

SPIRAL aims at improving the quality of teacher training programme by facilitating the integration of a training placement abroad for students. The first two outputs of the project have been successfully delivered and the results are online. The situational survey forms a view on the content and modes of delivery of cross-training programmes for teacher-trainees within SPIRAL partner countries.The Common Reference Framework is a tool elaborated for trainees, trainers and teacher-training institutions with postgraduate teacher-training programmes in Europe. It consists in a guide gathering practical tools. It aims at facilitating the integration of mobility periods in cross-training teacher-training programmes.


SPIRAL partners are pleased to present the results of the project locally:
- The University of Hamburg (Germany) will host an event on the 8th of December 2017. Aim of this event is to present SPIRAL outcomes and products and to discuss possibilities and modalities of integration of short-mobility placements abroad in initial teacher education. This event will have the presence of the SPIRAL teams and is addressed to teachers and school staff, teacher educators and teachers in initial teacher education programs.
- A conference in Caen University (France) will be held on the 23rd and 24th of November 2017. Two topics will  be discussed "mobility epistemology and challenges in formal and informal educational contexts" and "mobility and professional identity of educational actors in pluri and multicultural contexts".

This will allow SPIRAL results to be promoted. More details to be added soon on the SPIRAL website.

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